Advice for universities and students.

Hey there generic University,

I strongly believe that University 101 should be one of your lecturers standing up in front of the commencing class and saying, University is a social experience for you, one where youll undoubtedly learn things both of life and of your chosen subject but if you want to get a job after it then please aim for more than just a grade!.

Ive just once again gone through a round of interviews from a few local universities, looking for gap year students to come in and work with us as a junior developer, and as with the last 3 years Ive once again found that students today feel that learning how to correctly apply a <br> tag to a page, or how to make a form submit, or how to use a PNG (albeit in the instance of this particular interview incorrectly/for no apparent reason) should be enough to get them a job at a professional level upon leaving education/having a gap year.

University, will you please sit down and tell your students that doing enough to get a first isnt, at least for most companies I know, going to be good enough to get them a job!

I cut 60 CVs down to 10 interviews and in those 10 interviews spoke to each applicant for around an hour. In those hour slots not one person showed the level of passion, commitment and ability to development in general, the web in any guise, or a glimmer of anything else interesting that I felt would make me want to scoop them up and offer them a placement.

It was with genuine sadness that as I sat through one particular interviews with a Computer Science student who was holding up his ability to create a very basic HTML form as something that everyone should be proud of I was sat there thinking that at the same age as this student, that Zuckerburg fella was creating The Facebook and also thinking that creating basic forms is probably what Year 7 students are doing at secondary school now.

So, University, please tell your students to learn outside of class, please tell them a first isnt enough, please tell them that they need passion because if they dont have it now, they wont have it in 20 years, please tell them that they need to be doing and creating things for themselves, not just essays and things for you to grade, please tell them that until they realise this, a lot of digital agencies are going to think theyre more suited to shelf stacking than wasting space sat on one of their office chairs.


Frustrated hirer